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A Little Lesson in Italy

Each day offers me a new lesson. Today, I recognized that I can taste words and I learned that one should never ever remain silent for fear of complexity. Through recognition of of my flaws, I try to identify when I make someone else feel bad. I really never thought about some of the words that I say to others and how powerful of a toll these words can take on them. I used to be so entranced in films like The Secret that focused on how we speak things into the universe but no so much on how we speak directly to each other, as human beings. Beings who share the same if not more emotional capacity that our individual selves can contain. Through my taste of words, specifically today’s taste, I left a bad residue. And I apologized to the friend who accepted this dish.

Listen to Elif Shafak’s The revolutionary power of divers thought on Ted Talks Daily for a little taste of knowledge.

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