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Today, I don't want to be a Superwoman.

You know what’s frustrating about being a woman and being Black? Everyone assumes that you can handle it all. Now granted, I know I can do anything that I put my mind to, but handling everything is another story.

I didn’t realize how much people ask of me until I turned my phone off the other day. It’s not even the fact that people ask for big tasks to be completed, but when multiple people ask for something, my life gets overwhelming. I had cut my phone back on after a few hours and someone had the audacity to catch an attitude because I didn’t respond to something they asked me to do for their homework assignment.

Today, I don’t feel like being a superwoman.

And I don’t have to be. I can choose which tasks are urgent and those that aren’t. I can kindly decline when someone asks for something if I don’t want to set my energy towards it. I can also decide to help if I feel like it.

I have these spur of the moments in my life when I have mental breakdowns. I mean full on crying in my room, locking myself inside in fetal position in my bed breakdowns. There is nothing wrong with expressing my emotions because they are valid. My feelings are valid. My emotions are valid. My habits are valid. And often times I feel as though people can’t wrap that concept around their minds.

Today, I don’t want to be a superwoman because I don’t have to give you a damn reason why.

If I decide to isolate and focus on myself, that’s fine. If I decide to hang out with friends, that’s fine. If I decide to multitask a few things at once, that’s fine. But I will decide for myself when I do and when I don’t feel like being a superwoman.

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