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I am stuck. Everything is going so right, but at the same time everything is so wrong. I am stressed. I am happy. I am living my best life, yet I am so overwhelmed. I am connected with everything and everyone besides myself.

So, what’s wrong? What do you do when your life seems perfect to the outside world but inside you know it’s not together?

I unplugged. I turned my phone off for hours and just sat on the floor. I lit an incense and said everything that was negative and positive in my life. I stretched. I breathed. I drank tea. I didn’t play any music because the only sounds that I wanted to hear were my thoughts. I had to take a step back and understand that the pace that I was going was detrimental to my mental health. And if that meant not completing an assignment or missing a deadline, it was okay. I had to realize that I am me.

I am here. I am living in the present, here and now. I self-reflect. I analyze my growth. I acknowledge my accomplishments and I recognize my downfalls. I am not the same person from 24 hours ago and that’s how it should be. I am evolving and transforming into the person I have longed to be.

I am me.

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