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What's Makiah Making of Ghana?

Makiah Lyons is a Junior Political Science major, Sociology minor from Chicago, IL attending Howard University​.

I interviewed Makiah about her time so far in the the motherland! Below are the questions and responses. I hope you all enjoy!

Fatou: Where are you currently studying abroad and how long will you be there? Ghana. I’ll be here for 15 more weeks.

Fatou: Have you been out of the country prior to this trip? No.

Fatou: What type of classes are you taking over there? Political Science, Sociology, and Afro Studies.

Fatou: Is it difficult not being able to speak the native language and travel abroad? Many people speak English here, but knowing Twi would’ve been a blessing.

Fatou: If you recall, how was your first day in Ghana? It was pretty good. I was only really able to interact with the people in my program for the first few days here but I slowly branched out.

Fatou: As a black woman traveling abroad, why is this trip important for you? It’s really important to me because I think that it’s important that Black Americans prioritize exploring our own diaspora.

Fatou: What’s the nightlife like there? The nightlife here is so much fun. Ghanaian club DJs will often play American music when they see you coming because they assume that’s what you want to listen to but regardless, it’s always a great time.

Fatou: What do you miss the most about America? I miss air conditioning and my bed and my family and friends. Other than that, I’m good for now.

Fatou: What’s the food like? Chicken and rice, chicken and rice, fish and rice, beef and rice and rice and chicken. Sometimes fries though.

Fatou: How does it feel to be on the continent of Africa, as a black woman from America? It feels so great. I wish I could put it into words.

Fatou: If there is one piece of advice you could offer, what would it be? Stack ya coin. Don’t be scared to apply for scholarships and aid.

Thank you to everyone who took the time out to read this amazing work, Black Girls Abroad: A Travel Series. I hope the experiences, knowledge and insight of these 5 beautiful women ignites the flame for many others to do the same. Studying abroad, especially for months on end, is not easy. But, as Aye, Rhuby and Adriana have said, it is okay to be uncomfortable. And through these lessons, we learn about ourselves in a different perspective. Live. Love. And travel, a lot! Check out my site, every week this month for more blog series.

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