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Adriana's Adoring Time in London Town

Adriana Williams is a Junior Supply Chain Management major, Fashion Design minor from Philadelphia, PA attending Howard University.

I interviewed Adriana about her time so far in the United Kingdom! The up and coming fashion designer is having a pretty good time so far. Below are the questions and responses. I hope you all enjoy!

Fatou: Where are you currently studying abroad and how long have you been there/will be there? Adriana: I am currently studying in London, England. I have been here for 4 weeks. I depart early May.

Fatou: Have you been out of the country before this current trip? Adriana: This trip is the first time I’ve been out of the country. I was extremely excited before departing, then homesick when I arrived, but now I love it.

Fatou: What type of classes are you taking over there? Adriana: I am currently taking business courses: international finance, entrepreneurship, managerial economics. I am also taking a Chinese philosophy class, Fashion Marketing and Retail.

Fatou: Is it difficult not being able to speak the native language and travel abroad? Adriana: London’s native language is English so that’s a plus.

Fatou: If you recall, how was your first day being in London? Adriana: My first day in London was super busy. I arrived at 7am, and I put my belongings in my room. From there, my program had a full itinerary for us.

Fatou: As a black woman traveling abroad, why is this trip important for you? Adriana: As a black woman traveling abroad, this trip is extremely important to me. I really pray I inspire other black women to study abroad. I feel as though a lot of black woman, (black people in general) may never get a chance to see the world. Being a black woman, studying abroad is a blessing.

Fatou: What’s the nightlife like there? Adriana: Nightlife varies and it depends on what part of London you’re in. I’ve been to some of the worst clubs but also clubs where I felt at home. For the most part, the clubs have several different rooms with different DJ’s so there is a variety of music.

Fatou: What do you miss the least about America? Adriana: What I miss the least about America is the environment and my everyday life. Here, I feel like I have so much more to see and do just in London itself.

Fatou: What’s the food like? Adriana: The food…it’s okay, bland. The portions are smaller. I stick to the cafe and places that I know and have grown to love.

Fatou: Would you consider living there post-graduation? Adriana: I would love to live here. I feel at home now, I probably wouldn’t choose to live in Kensington, but I would definitely love to live in another borough.

Fatou: If there is one piece of advice you could offer, what would it be? Adriana: I had someone tell me “The best growth comes from being uncomfortable”. What I would say is never get too comfortable when there is more to achieve. Study abroad because it’s a life changing experience. P.S. A semester in London is cheaper than a semester at Howard University.

For more study abroad experiences, visit my site every day this week. Tomorrow, see what Makiah is making of Accra, Ghana!

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