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Happy Kwanzaa!

Habari gani (translates to what's the news) is the greeting for every day of Kwanzaa. There are 7 days of Kwanzaa and today happens to be one of my favorite days: Ujamaa! Ujamaa means cooperative economics. Giving back and investing in the community goes a long way.

The other day I saw a few people talking about black businesses on Twitter and I felt conflicted. I was conflicted because people were saying how they don’t support black businesses because everything is expensive.

Stop making excuses.

Black businesses don’t solely fall under the category of fashion. And if you limit yourself to one expensive item that you come across on your timeline, you’re being lazy. When it comes to black-owned businesses, you have to go out your way to find out about them. Did you know that there are apps that identify when you're near a black-owned business and offer information on them? Where U app, BuyBlack-Black Wall Street app, Official Black Wall Street app, etc. Stop making excuses and make it a priority to support your own.

10 Black-Owned Business in the city of Detroit

1. Source Booksellers:

2. Arrival Collection:

3. Maty's (Senegalese cuisine):

4. Blessed & Highly Favored Juice Bar:

5. Goodness Gracious Floral:

6. Detroit vs. Everybody:

7. Kuzzo's Chicken and Waffles:

8. Bob's Classic Kicks:

9. Sweet Potato Sensations:

10. Detroit Sip:

And if you're still feeling a little skeptical, check out the Ujamaa Box:

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