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Grandma Julia

I finished reading the stories of Ms. Ann Tyler's family dating back to the early 1800s last year in September.

As a student, it's easy to complain about the mishaps of a university, but being able to work a Howard University Commencement with the 50th year graduating class truly has truly impacted my life for the better.

I met Ms. Tyler at the 148th Howard University Commencement in May 2016 and instantly connected with her. A Howard graduate from the class of 1976, Ms. Tyler has a soft soul and such a beautiful spirit. Every time we stepped into the Blackburn Reading Gallery, Ms. Tyler would walk over silently to the piano and begin playing, mellowing out the mood in the morning. We talked about traveling and music. On the last day of events for the 50th year class, she gave me her book and I set time out on September 22nd, 2016 to read it. I finished it the next morning and it gave me ideas on my first book. Looking back on it now, I've already published my first story in The Mecca Is Me, so it doesn't seem too far-fetched to want to create my own book. From her great-great-grandfather Kheenee Sioux to the stories of her great-great-grandmother Winna being saved by him on the stream, I appreciate her so much for taking on the responsibility of finishing and sharing her family's stories.

Thank you Ms. Tyler.

Her book Grandma Julia is available for purchase at the link below:

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