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Twenty Tou Ways to De-stress

  1. Drink tea: Calm your nerves and have a sip. Add a little bit of sugar or honey and fresh lemon.

  2. Read a book: It helps when there’s complete silence, but if you need music, try to play something soothing like nature sounds or instrumentals.

  3. Take a walk: You can walk down the hall, you can walk down the street, wherever.

  4. Meditate: You don’t have to say “ommm” 30 times, but sitting with your eyes closed in a quiet place helps.

  5. Pray: Or call someone and ask them to pray for you.

  6. Eat: A light snack preferably with a water.

  7. Exercise: Take advantage of the abilities that you were given.

  8. Turn off all devices: Sometimes, it’s healthy to un-plug from society.

  9. Have deep Breathing Exercises: Zen master and author Thich Nhat Hanh has a few online.

  10. Recite your goals: Look at your plans and speak them into existence, but don’t scare yourself!

  11. Play music

  12. Chew gum

  13. Talk to friends

  14. Write out your thoughts

  15. Take a nap

  16. Laugh

  17. Send funny videos to your friends on Twitter

  18. Dance

  19. Stretch your limbs

  20. Take a hot bath

Tou Extra Ways to Destress:

  1. Treat yoself!: Take yourself out to eat. Get your nails done, get a pedicure. Do some quick shopping. Get something nice for yourself and treat yourself to some finer things.

  2. Post your favorite motivational quotes in your room: When you wake up, read at least one every day before you leave out your house.

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