Fatou Imani Sow 

A Senegalese, African-American woman from Detroit, MI. Twenty-one years of age, Fatou has decided that "TwentyPlusTou" should entail her journey through her twenties plus the worldly experiences she finds herself getting into. Her writings are a reflection of her thoughts and passions. She enjoys sharing her stories with others and believes in speaking her own mind.

She sees "the danger of a single story" as Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie calls it and hopes to share a multitude of stories through an array of topics. 

Fatou is a recent graduate of Howard University. She is now a master's candidate at Johns Hopkins University SAIS and is working on bridging the gap between young Africans throughout the diaspora.

Ankh, udja, seneb.

I wish life, prosperity and health to whoever reads this.